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Trendy Reggae is a free social music platform for building relationships between artists/djs and the rest of the music community: producers, promoters, other artists/djs, record labels, managers and entertainment companies.


Connect with other industry players and expand your reach. Interact with your fans, book more gigs and grow your career.


Browse and apply to a wide array of music opportunities listed by our network of promoters and booking agents from around the world. Discover new music, events, artists/djs and producers as well as the latest trends in Reggae from around the world.


Present your music professionally, Send your EPK in a professional, seamless package to anyone: promoters, booking agents, press, and personal contacts. With the click of a button your EPK will be delivered to their email inbox.


Your earning potential is limitless if you simply accept Gig offers, publishing and licensing opportunities as well as endorsements from top brands around the world.

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Thanks to all those who have expressed an interest in Trendy Reggae. As much as we love the influx of signups,
we’ve been forced to tap the brakes for our beta to focus on providing the best experience to all our customers. Fill in your email address below to join our waiting list as we work towards releasing Trendy Reggae to the public.